This is a heroic story about someone who defended Ar Rayyan (flag of the Muslim troops) until he was died ‘syahid’. His name is Mush’ab bin Umair RA.

Mush’ab RA is one of the companions of the Prophet whose face is very handsome almost looks like the Prophet Muhammad SAW (Sallallaahu ‘Alaihi Wa sallam).

When the battle of Uhud happened, he took a task for holding a flag of Muslim troops.

At that time, Muslim troops had almost victory, but then they got a back attack from the enemy (Quraish Mecca) which was caused by the Muslim archers who disobeyed an order from the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

A serious mistake was committed by a part of the Muslim troops, which changed the outcome of the battle. A breach of Muhammad’s orders by the Muslim archers, who left their assigned posts to despoil the enemy camp, allowed a back attack from the enemy cavalry that brought chaos to the Muslim troops.

When the situation started to get worse, Mush’ab bin Umair RA raised Ar Rayyan, the flag of Muslim troops, as high as possible and yelled several Takbir as loud as possible, then proceeded to attack the enemy.

His purpose was for attracting the attention of the enemy to him and the enemy would forget the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Thus Mush’ab bin Umair RA formed a line of troops with himself.

Suddenly an enemy named Ibnu Qumaiah arrived by a horse, he thought Mush’ab RA was Muhammad SAW because they were similar at short glance, then he slashed Mushab’s hand which was used for holding Ar Rayyan until his right hand cut off. While Mush’ab RA uttered surah Ali Imran verse 144;

وَمَا مُحَمَّدٌ إِلاَّ رَسُولٌ قَدْ خَلَتْ مِنْ قَبْلِهِ الرُّسُلُ
“Muhammad itu tiada lain hanyalah seorang Rasul, dan sebelumnya telah didahului oleh beberapa Rasul.”

surah Ali Imran verse 144

So Mush’ab RA held the flag with his left hand while bending to protect it. The enemy slashed his left hand as well.

Mush’ab leaned toward the flag, then with both arms reaching for his chest while uttering surah Ali Imran verse 144, again;

وَمَا مُحَمَّدٌ إِلاَّ رَسُولٌ قَدْ خَلَتْ مِنْ قَبْلِهِ الرُّسُلُ
Muhammad itu tiada lain hanyalah seorang Rasul, dan sebelumnya telah didahului oleh beberapa Rasul.

surah Ali Imran verse 144

Then the horse man attacked him three times with a spear, and thrusted it in until the spear broke. Mush’ab RA fell, and the flag also fell. He died as a syuhada.

His name is Umair bin Abi Waqqash RA (Radhiyallahu’Anhu), one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW (Shallallahu’alaihi Wa sallam).

Umair RA is a handsome, devout and also brave guy. Those were proven when the call for doing jihad came, he took those oportunity, eventhough he was still very young at that time.

Narrated when heading to the battlefield of Badr, The Prophet Muhammad SAW examined the war troops of the Muslims.

Muhammad SAW refused his companions who didn’t have the strength and fighting abilities to participate in those battle.

Among those who were rejected was Umair bin Abi Waqqash RA, because of his age and his small body. So Umair RA cried.

His sibling whose name is Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqash RA told that he had seen his younger brother Umair RA took refuge before Muhammad RA checked them at the battle of Badr. Sa’ad RA told to Umair RA: “What’s with you, my brother?”

Umair RA replied: “I’m afraid of being seen by The Prophet Muhammad SAW, He thought I was still very young and he would refuse me,again. Whereas I really want to go jihad, may Allah SWT (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) give me a chance”.

Finally, seeing his determination to go jihad, Muhammad SAW allowed it. Then, Umair’s wish was granted by Allah SWT, he got syahid at the battlefield of Badr.

Those is the one of many stories how the Prophet’s companions compete for the heaven, they don’t even care, their age is still young or has no ability. the sincere intentions and strong determination lead them to the Paradise of Allah SWT.

So we shouldn’t waste our time except for praying nd reaching the grant nd forgiveness from Allah SWT.

Alhamdulilah, finally my certificate of competence for teaching has already come out. This certificate was published on behalf of BNSP (Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi / Indonesian Professional Certification Authority), nd this certificate is valid for 3 years since August 27th, 2018.

Actually, I have an extra duty from my company as a lecture at PNJ (Politeknik Negeri Jakarta), and sometimes i was asked to be a guest lecture, namely at PPM school of management, nd the others.

Then, through this certificate, me nd my company have no doubt whatsoever to send me (myself) for giving a lecture or teaching.

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The alleged involvement of the PSSI Executive Committee (Exco) in match fixing makes the condition of Indonesian football worsened. I’ve just seen an interview on Youtube channel of Mata Najwa concerning what can be done by PSSI as its topic.

Manager of Madura FC club, Januar Herwanto, told that Madura FC was asked by a person of the PSSI exco, named Hidayat, to succumb to PSS Sleman in the big eight round of Liga 2. Then, he told to Najwa as a presenter, that he was offered 100 millions by those person, but he rejected it.

My documentation which is taken at GBK stadium

Furthermore, Andi Darussalam Tabusalla as a former national team manager, also said that there was a match fixing in the Final round of AFF Cup 2010 , which was Indonesia lost 0-3 from malaysia.

Honestly, I feel very shocked nd also sad, cause in my opinion, football could be an unifying tool of our nation. The match-fixing has contaminated the sacred will of football itself which are honest, never giveup, eager-beaver nd fairplay. So, i’m highly appreciated to the Chief of Indonesian Police, Tito Karnavian, who is going to form a task force to solve this case. Hopefully, our football will become better nd better by the times.

I was here @GBK_Stadium, tried to be a wannabe national team manager

Welcome Home, Sir..

Our life is shaped by our mind. It will be more complicated if we think so, otherwise if we think this is easy then there will be many ways to ease our problems..

And this is about our journey. Unfortunately, sometimes the way is far away from my expectation. I don’t want to mention it, but i will take it as my personal note nd i’m going to make it as my own milestone..

I always remember the lyrics of song that sung by Tulus.

“you can grab my smile, but it really won’t take long”.

We are just like riding a roller coaster. Don’t be so easy to feel that you will be forever at the top; or stuck at the bottom side, except you don’t believe with God’s Mechanism any more. ‘Kun fayakun’..
Moreover, every single of prayer that comes out from persecuted person, (it said so) is more acceptable by Allah SWT.

So, keep praying nd trying as far as you can do.. Let the rest decided by Allah SWT.

Late post : December 13th,2018 in Bandung

In our daily activities, we have to meet and talk with many peoples in order to communicate our purpose to each other. Besides, as a social creature, we have a need to socialize, interact nd share with others.

In my opinion, there are some important things within its process, nd if we would like to be more effective, we should know nd do these following things.

First, we shouldn’t be a prejudiced person nd keeping our mind with positivity even with the peoples who were tagged with bad reputation by others. Always use our own senses to examine those kind of peoples. Believe that the others are possible to make a mistake in judging someone else.

Second, we should avoid the peoples who often disfigure somebody else. nd don’t ever participate with those kind of peoples to take a part of character assasination’s someone else, cause somehow they will disfigure us when we aren’t around them, moreover they will probably kill our character with their ‘spicy’ mouth.

Third, we should be an objective person who always speaks with the datas, nd don’t be hesitate to release our ideas for someone else. They won’t stole it, even enriching our ideas with different perspectives instead.

Fourth, we should be honest, so we’re gonna be trusted by someone else. As known, since a long time ago, trust is the most expensive thing. Don’t let it be in vain by cheating or doing unfair things for someone else.